Panafrica is the name of Humanity as Africa is the cradle of mankind. It is here presented in the form of Human Pyramid called H-Pyramid. If you do agree with this thought, then you can call yourself Panafrican and join freely our movement, no matter where you live and what your look or age is.

MOPJAD (in French) or PMAYD is the Panafrican Movement of African Youth and Diaspora. For more about this Movement, Panafrica and Panafricanism, check Afropedia on

Afro-Democracy or Afrodemocracy (AfroDemo or Afro-demo in short) is the form of democracy adopted by PMAYD to manage Panafrica and Panafricans via the application of Panafricanism. Panafricanism being the philosophical doctrine of all Panafricans (their though).

To get started, click the globe below i.e. Mopjad-Panafrica to open its album and get to your continental level. Then follow the instruction. You cannot modify anything here.

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